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    Do you know our English teacher?  Look!  There is a young man standing over there.  He isn't tall, and looks very thin.  Who is he?  He is our English teacher. His name is Sun Feng.

    Our teacher is strict not only with himself but also with us. We all like him, because he is a good teacher and often helps us with our English.

    My classmate Wang Haiyan was not good at Eng-lish at first. He often thought: "My English is poor, what can I do?" Mr Sun knew it and said to him: "Don't be disappointed, keep up with your classmates! I believe, you can. " With the help of our teacher, he decided to catch up with his classmates. So he began to put his heart into English and did better in English. At last, he took part in the English contest and got a prize.

    Our English teacher works hard and he is as busy as a bee. He often prepares lessons and studies until late at night. In Grade three, we often have tests and have more English homework. Mr Sun always goes over it carefully.

    Mr Sun gets on well with us. He likes singing very much. One day before classes began, he said to us: "Now, let me teach you an English song. "

    We all like our English teacher. He is not only teacher but also our good friend. Don't you think so?


    Yi Jianlian ,a famous basketball player, is from Guangdong, China. He was born on October 27th.1987. He is 2.12 meters tall. This handsome boy became a college student in 2003.He was chosen to play for the National Basketball Team in January, 2004. This young man is the second Chinese player in NBA after Yao Ming. In his spare time, he likes listening to pop music and playing computer games. Now he is trying his best to learn English well.

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