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  • 英语作文:秋天的童话

    发布时间:2020-09-17      来源:未知


    Roaming on the path among the trees, I threw my sentiment into the blue sky, which landed on the ground of my Alma Mater,and brought me back to the day three years ago.

    That was a day in fall, that was a fall in my heart. Shatters swung in the air, just like golden butterflies dancing in the breeze. The sunset cast her afterglow on the ground, as well as on her dazzling pink face. After a long silence, I looked into her clear eyes, whispered to her that I wondered whether I had a position in her future. She thought it for a while, walking back and forth. I noticed she trembled lips several times and let out no words. Finally, she turned to me and flashed a wry smile:"Sorfy, I feel that distance makes beauty,Let's just be good friends." I could never forget that sentence, just like a bolt from the blue. It hit me like a thousand knives stabbing all over my body. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think, at least not about anything but the pain. Gazing at her receding figure, I couldn't stop tears wetting my pale cheeks. The tale ended with the girl's disappearance from my sight.

    Now fall comes again. I left myself nothing but the broken memories.

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