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  • 我们能为春天做点什么作文|我们能为春天做点什么 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-09-29      来源:互联网

    森林学校里,太阳校长说:今天,春姑娘要到我们学校来做客,请大家做好准备。”花草树木们纷纷议论:我们能为春姑娘做点什么呢?In the forest school, principal Sun said, "today, spring girl will come to our school to be a guest. Please be ready." Flowers and trees have talked about: what can we do for spring girl?柳树说:我用柳条编成一个柳环,戴在春姑娘的头上。”迎春花说:我吹响小喇叭,来欢迎春姑娘。”桃树说:我把我的花朵做成胭脂,送给春姑娘。”梨树说:我把我的花朵做成白纱裙,穿在春姑娘身上。”The willow said, "I made a willow ring out of wicker and put it on the head of spring girl." Yingchunhua said, "I\ll play the trumpet to welcome Yingchun girl." Peach tree said, "I make Rouge of my flowers and give it to spring girl." "I made my flower into a white dress and put it on the girl in spring," said the pear tree看,春姑娘在喇叭声中戴着绿色的柳环散步作文,擦着粉红的胭脂高中作文散步作文,穿着白纱裙,跳着,笑着,走来了。Look, spring girl is wearing green willow ring, pink rouge, white gauze skirt, dancing, laughing and comi
    故乡的作文 怎样写作文 小学4年级作文 散步作文
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