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  • 第一次炒菜作文|第一次炒菜 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-10-04      来源:互联网

    周末的晚上初中作文,我帮妈妈炒青菜。我又紧张又兴奋,生怕炒不好。On weekends, I help my mother stir fry vegetables. I\m nervous and excited. I\m afraid I can\t fry well.妈妈教我先把青菜洗三遍,要一片片仔细地洗,否则不干净会病从口入的。洗完以后切好。My mother taught me to wash the vegetables three times first, and to wash them carefully one by one, otherwise I would get sick from the mouth if they were not clean. Cut after washing.终于到了炒菜的时候了。我迫不及待地把煤气打开,先把锅烧热小学生作文大全,然后倒入少许的油。我学妈妈的样子小学生作文大全,先把青菜梗放入锅中,因为它不容易熟。菜梗炒热了以后就可以放菜叶了小学生作文大全,再不停地翻炒几下。锅铲实在太不听话了,我差点把菜铲出锅。菜叶热了以后,我糊里糊涂的放了一勺盐,真不知道是淡了还是咸了。最后快要装盘的时候就放了些味精。一道绿油油的青菜终于做好了!Finally, it\s time to cook. I can\t wait to turn on the gas, first heat the pot, then pour in a little oil. I like my mother, first put the green vegetable stem into the pot, because it is not easy to cook. When the stem is hot, you can put the leaves on it, and then stir for several times. The spatula was so disobedient that I almost shoveled the vegetables out of the pot. After the leaves were hot, I put a spoonful of salt in a muddle. I don\t know if it was light or salty. At the end of the dish, I put some monosodium glutamate. A green vegetable is finally ready!品尝着自己的劳动成果,味道虽然不太好,我还是开心的无法形容。Tasting the fruits of their own work, although the taste is not very good, I am still happy beyond descripti
    新颖的作文题目 作文300字 小学生作文大全
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