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  • 美丽的西山作文|美丽的西山 英语作文

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    我知道祖国有很多美丽的地方。就说说家乡吧。I know there are many beautiful places in our country. Let\s talk about hometown.我的家乡在桂平话题作文,这里有山清水秀的大腾峡,和迷人的龙潭森林公园……不过,最著名的还是风景优美的西山。它以林秀、石奇、泉甘、西山茶”而著名。西山古树参天小学作文网站,茂密的枝叶遮天盖地,像一把大绿伞小学作文网站,还像一名卫士。那里有许多千奇百怪的石头,有的像猴子,有的像狮子,还有的像被人劈开的石头。西山上有一口乳泉井,喝上一口,甘甜甘甜的,如果你用这泉水泡西山茶喝,那就更妙了,使人心旷神怡。My hometown is in Guiping, where there is the great Teng gorge with beautiful mountains and rivers, and the charming Longtan Forest Park However, the most famous is the beautiful West Mountain. It is famous for "Linxiu, Shiqi, Quangan and Xishan tea". The ancient trees of Xishan are towering, with thick branches and leaves covering the sky, like a big green umbrella and a guard. There are many strange stones, some like monkeys, some like lions, and some like stones split by people. There is a milk spring well on the west mountain. It\s sweet and sweet to drink. If you use this spring to make tea in the west mountain, it\s even better and makes people feel relaxed and happy.啊,西山是多么美丽呀,我真爱这美丽的西山。Ah, how beautiful Xishan is. I really love this beautiful X
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